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Online Therapy + Yoga for Women & Queer Folks (Consultation)

In a therapy + yoga session with me, you nurture your mind and your body, reaping the benefits of both yoga and talk therapy.

I open each session by guiding you through a physical yoga practice, which lays the foundation for an open heart, mind, and body, as we transition into talk therapy. We end with a short meditation as you embark on the rest of your day.

Never done yoga? Meditation sounds daunting? No worries! I personalize every aspect of this process to you - your experience, your needs, your goals.

In this 20-minute complimentary video consultation, you and I will discuss what interests you in therapy and what you hope to get out of it. As part of this consultation, I'll tell you about my work and approach to therapy so you can make an informed decision about whether you'd like to try working with me. I know there are many wonderful therapists out there to choose from, so I'm honored you are interested in working with me!

Sessions are $225 for 60-minutes (therapy + yoga or talk therapy only). I do not currently accept insurance. Please read through my Fees & Policies completely before scheduling a consultation.