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Flow for Frontliners

Flow for Frontliners is the yoga class that gives back.

During this pandemic, our healthcare workers are on the frontline risking their lives in order to save others’ and, really, the world. Here in New York City, things are especially dire as we are at the epicenter of the crisis in the U.S. and our healthcare workers do not have the equipment and resources they need to stay safe and thus, save others.

Every month, I am teaching a vinyasa yoga class on Instagram Live where I ask you to flow with me and then send your tips/donations to a different organization or business that is working hard to support our healthcare frontliners here in NYC.

This month's class benefits Kabisera, a Filipina-owned cafe on the Lower East Side in Manhattan who has been working every single day to provide coffee and meals for NYC's healthcare frontliners. Support them by donating to their coffee runs, following them, and sharing their work!

The coolest part? For every donation you make, you can leave a note that they will print out and put on the coffee/meal they are providing! Check out what I mean here.

So come join me Thursday, May 7th, from 9-9:45am to flow for frontliners and don't forget to follow me to catch the class!

Can’t make the live class? No worries! Watch it on your own time on my YouTube Channel!

Do you know of an organization or business that is supporting our healthcare frontliners in NYC who would benefit from Flow for Frontliners? Contact me and I will reach out to partner!

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Restorative Yoga

Join me every Sunday for 45 minutes of serenity.

After all we've been through as a community, we can use a few moments of peace. This weekly class is designed to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (the "rest and digest" system) while DE-activating your sympathetic nervous system (the "fight or flight" system), which most of us have been stuck in recently.

Each class begins with a breathing exercise to get us grounded and to bring our attention internally. This is followed by a sequence of restorative poses and gentle "mini-flows." Class ends with a guided meditation.


  • One bed or couch pillow
  • One throw blanket, bath towel, or yoga blanket
  • One dish towel or yoga strap

This class is pay-what-you-can. Any tips/donations are humbly appreciated and allow me to keep offering it.

Remember to follow me on Instagram to catch the live class!

Any class you miss can be watched later on my IGTV and/or YouTube Channel.

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Virtual Yoga+Therapy for Women & LGBTQ+ (Complimentary Consultation)

Why Virtual Yoga+Therapy?

I’m sure you’ve heard all the incredible benefits yoga can have on physical, mental, and spiritual health, so I won’t bore you by repeating those. But what about yoga AND therapy together?

In the span of one session, you will nurture your mind and your body, reaping the benefits of both yoga and therapy.

No longer do you have to go through the hassle of finding a separate yoga teacher and therapist (let alone the expense of paying for both!) - you can have it all in the safety and comfort of your home.

How Does It Work?

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga Instructor and I have been providing yoga+therapy virtually since before this pandemic started. I work with women and the LGBTQ+ community to alleviate the stress of life’s challenges with physical yoga practices and talk therapy.

Every session starts with a physical yoga practice, which will lay the foundation for an open heart, mind, and body, as we transition into the talking component. We end with a short meditation as you prepare to embark on the rest of your day.

Never done yoga? Meditation sounds daunting? Don’t worry. I tailor every aspect of this process to YOU - your experience, your needs, your goals. Just like I would never push you to talk about something you’re not ready to talk about, I would never push you into a yoga pose you’re not ready for or not interested in.

Sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly and are 60 or 90 minutes long. Prices are the following:

  • $150 for 60-minutes
  • $200 for 90-minutes



Insurance not currently accepted. Therapy only available for individuals located in New York State. If located outside New York, wellness coaching is offered as an alternative. Only accepting women and LGBTQ+ clients.