Mental health on the yoga mat

About Marissa Tolero, LMHC, RYT200

I’m a compassion-focused therapist and yoga teacher based out of New York City.

My ultimate goal is to help you create change and growth by building awareness, skills, and a compassionate self. I specialize in working with women and the LGBTQ+ community - two groups I identify with and am deeply passionate about - and associated challenges and marginalizations, including identity, relationships, shame, anxiety, and trauma.

My work incorporates two of my lifelong practices and passions: yoga and talk therapy. This partnership creates a powerful structure to get to know (and feel safe in) your body and your mind while we embark on this journey of change and growth together. Yoga+therapy truly brings together your mind, body, and spirit into each session. It helps you connect with your body and explore your mind, all in the safety of your home through virtual video calls. Each session is tailored completely to you: Your experience. Your needs. Your goals.

Why not reap the benefits of both yoga and therapy while saving money and time?

Schedule a *complimentary* consultation today.

I also teach weekly live yoga classes on Instagram and have a monthly video series that uses yoga practices and therapeutic activities to explore common mental health experiences.

So come join me, whether following me on Facebook and Instagram, practicing with me at home, or working with me one-on-one.

Remember, we’re in this thing together.

Namaste and Love,